Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I had a dream of the Church Militant.

I had a dream on Saturday night that really struck me. It was quite vivid. I think it's worth sharing. When I have a dream it tends to be like watching a movie rather than being an actor in it. Though sometimes when I wake I can remember the emotions the dream-me felt. It's weird. Anyways, here's the story.

It began with me and a large group of my Catholic friends trying to find shelter. I had the sense that we were part of some military rebellion or something of the sort. We were trying to enter a large brick or stone building. My dream began with us standing at the door. When we entered the building it was quiet. We were in a long hallway with one door to the right. I had the impression that we would find shelter and safety on the other side of this door so I led everyone through it. The room it led to turned out to be an adoration chapel. We were to spend some time there preparing ourselves to meet CHrist the King face to face in his human form. He was the King we were fighting for.

After a few hours spent in adoration preparing ourselves, we went back into the hallway and we went down through it further. It was relatively dark, it looked like a castle. The hallway eventually opened up to an enormous Cathedral. Standing there in front of the altar was Christ himself. I can't describe what he looked like. I don't know if it's becaue I don't remember or because I just knew it was Jesus but didn't see his face or look at Him directly. Or maybe Christ just didn't let me take that away from my dream. I don't know, dreams can sometimes be hazy. In any case, CHrist celebrated mass for us and spoke to us about the battle we would be fighting in. He told us about how hard it would be. I got the impression that many would die. He told us that while we were not fighting, we should take shelter in the room we were in before. The adoration chapel. He told us that he would be waiting for us there.

After that we left Him. Some went to fight. I remember hearing the battle. Hearing people dying whilst siting in front of the Eucharist in the chapel. I knew some were dying in the battle. I remember hearing the battle go on in the great Cathedral where Christ said mass for us. I remember praying for Jon's safety, also knowing that I would soon be in battle.

I woke thinking, "The Church Militant".

I suppose it's some sort of wake up call. Possibly Christ telling us to go to adoration more. I can't get over how vivid it was. How much real meaning it has in life. Usually my dreams are completely random and have no sense whatsoever. But every now and then I have something like this. Something that makes me think twice and re-examine reality. I thought I'd share.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Feast of St. Clare!

It's the Feast Day of St. Clare today.
An army of rough soldiers came to attack Assisi and they planned to raid the convent first. Although very sick, St. Clare had herself carried to the wall and right there, where the enemies could see it, she had the Blessed Sacrament placed. Then on her knees, she begged God to save the Sisters. "O Lord, protect these Sisters whom I cannot protect now," she prayed. A voice seemed to answer: "I will keep them always in My care."
"Totally love Him who gave Himself over totally for love of you."
"Ever since I have known the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ no suffering has been bothersome, no penance too severe, no infirmity has been hard."
"When You have loved Him, You are chaste; when you have touched Him, You become more pure; when you have accepted Him, You are a virgin."
-St. Clare of Assisi

Here's a little bit about her life.

Jon, Clare and I are hoping to get to the Cathedral for afternoon mass today for St. Clare's feast day. Early on, Jon and I discussed wanting to be a family that really celebrates Catholic feast days and the kid(s) namesake days. Hopefully we can keep this up! That's one of the cool things about being Catholic. There are so many reasons to celebrate!! So many people to celebrate! So many great examples that a life lived for Christ is possible in any age! St. Clare is also my Confirmation saint, so this feast day is special for me too!

I also learned something new today about her. Apparently her feast day used to be celebrated on August 12th (my sister's birthday!). I don't know why it was changed to the 11th. That'll take more investigation.
And....the first place Clare stayed before building her order was with...Benedictines! :D ha ha ha ha!! They always come through.

St. Clare is the patron saint of Television and is often prayed to for good weather because her name means Clear. :)