Sunday, October 23, 2011

Marital Infidelity in the media

Does anyone else get bothered by all the marital infidelity in the media? 

Honestly, this never used to bother me, or maybe I just never paid attention to it.   Before I got married I watched lots of shows that had all sorts of cheating and lying and horrible things, but I guess I got desensitized to it.  It's weird, and cool that marriage can re-sensitize you to some things.

I think someone (maybe Kristine?) blogged about something like this in relation to her children.  Something like seeing children hurt makes you automatically sad because you think of your own child and how horrible it would be if he or she was hurt. 

I think the same thing is happening in my mind with marriage. 

Every time I see someone cheat, or flirt on tv or in a movie when they have a husband or wife it makes my skin crawl.  Sometimes even if I'm enjoying the rest of the show I just want to turn it off because it's so offensive.  I think, "Ugh, how could you do that to your husband or wife?  How could you then just turn around and go back to them pretending you didn't cheat on them and lie to their face?"  Ugh.  It grosses me out.   More than that it gives me irrational nightmares.  Not that nightmares are usually rational, but you know what I mean, Jon would never do that (I am also pregnant and pregnancy dreams are usually crazy).  I wish netflix had better descriptions on its movies so you'd know which movies had marital infidelity in them along with other offenses.   

I suppose it's something that comes when you learn to appreciate marriage and your spouse and what this Holy Sacrament means in your life.  I can't even imagine that this happens all the time in real life.  Shame on you mass media for making it seem commonplace, fun, and daring. 

Marital infidelity tears marriages apart, it ruins relationships, it scars husbands, wives, children, and society.  Blech.

It makes the world believe LOVE doesn't really exist anymore.  God is love.  Work the logic friends.  Marriage makes God and his love known to the world in an amazing way.

Let's pray for stronger marriages and those who have been hurt by marital infidelity.  The world needs it.

(I'm starting to meld blogs now, I like the prayer thing on the food blog so I'm going to do it here too.)

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
Dear God,
  thank you for Jon my amazing husband.  :)  Help all of us who are married to always be faithful to our marriage vows and to you God.  Bless and comfort those husbands, wives, and families who have been scarred by marital infidelity and help them to once again believe in love and in you as the source of all love.  Amen.


Jonathan said...

It can be amusing to contrast dreams. Sometimes Val might wake up sad because apparently I was doing something wrong in a dream, and then I'll pause and say, "Gee, I just dreamt about flying and shooting laser beams from my fingers."

The problem is that people try to divorce sex from marriage. Since the nature of marriage arose from the nature of sex, trying to remove meaning and nature from sex removes meaning and nature from marriage. No wonder so many marriages are broken.

It's interesting to note that this is completely separate from any religious consideration, though doing something against God (which means also against our natures) contributes to the problem as well.

Camp Compton said...

So kind of a funny thing... the other day my mom told me that she thought that she would have to tell me that Matt was having an affair on me. My mom lives in the MIL downstairs of our house, and she saw this "truck" that stopped by when Matt and I were gone...and then she "peered" through the blinds and saw that it showed up again... her view was partially blocked, but what she could see was two people hugging. She thought that I was at work, and Matt had stayed home from work and was having an affair with this lady in a truck! She was thinking about how she was going to "break" it to me and how upset I would be... yea, that was me...hugging my dad b/c he came by to drop off some stuff.

But I agree, it's horrible and sickening when you hear about people cheating, especially in a marriage. It's part of our whole "non-committed" whatever feels good type of way of living/thinking. It's so sad...I hope our generation can change this.